The release of the single ”The Day She Walked Through The Door”, marks the next chapter for the country band Della Ridge from Sweden.
Written and sung by Simon Sjöstedt and Claudia Jonas, the song is about a woman who starts a relationship with a man based on promises that are unfulfilled.

Della Ridge was founded in 2008 by Simon Sjöstedt. In the year of 2013, the band won the Swedish National Country Awards in the pop/rock category with the jury’s motivation: ”… a band that is ready for the big stages”.

The band has released two EP:s, their debut album ”Bulletproof” in 2008 and ”Country Music From The North” in 2017.
Della Ridge is the nickname for a village in Jämtland, called Aspås, where Simon grew up. The music travels in the tensions between countryside and city.